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Want to entice some new customers to your venue? Looking for the latest trend to create a buzz in your bar? Look no further than our VDarts electronic dartboards.

These soft tip dartboards are already proving popular across the UK. The well known darts game combined with modern technology creates the ultimate crowd pleaser

What is VDarts?

An electronic, soft tip dartboard that connects via bluetooth to a tablet containing the VDarts Game App.

What games can I play on VDarts?

  • – Traditional darts games such as 301 and 501
  • – New funzone games including Tic Tac Toe, Monsters War and Fighting Seven
  • – You can even play people in different venues using the web cam and Global Match feature on the app
Vdarts New Bridge

Why should I introduce VDarts to my pub or bar?

  • – Fits in perfectly with the new era of social gaming
  • – Group activity for customers who will stay longer when playing darts and increase wet sales
  • – Takes up the same footprint as traditional darts unlike other electronic darts offers
  • – Can charge customers by the hour to play¬†

How can I get a VDarts board for my venue?

Simply contact Bob Rudd here, or speak to your Account Manager. The VDarts boards are available on weekly rental including free installation and servicing.

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