Please find below the official guidelines for licensed premises operating gaming machines during Coronavirus. These guidelines have been devised by our trade association BACTA inline with Government advice.

Pool Table Sanitisation

  • 1. Hand sanitiser to be available for players
  • 2. Use of signage to advise all players to wash their hands / use sanitisers before and after playing
  • 3. Pool cues could be kept behind the bar- so staff can then wipe down cues before and after being handed out to players
  • 4. No coins to be left on the table at any time
  • 5. Ensure there is adequate seating for customers to sit down in between turns
  • 6. Cleaning of pool tables will include cleaning of the frame and chalk regularly (e.g. every hour) and where possible after each use.
  • 7. Cleaning of balls should occur once per day, preferably prior to opening
  • 8. Where pool tables are used for competitions, organisers/team captains will be required to take responsibility for social distancing and hand hygiene of players.  Hand sanitiser will be made available
  • 9. After competition use, the pool table should receive a deep clean of surfaces, cues, balls, chalk and rack
Pool Table sanitisation during Coronavirus

Fruit Machine Sanitisation

Fruit machine sanitisation during Coronavirus
  • 1. Position machines away from customer “pinch points” where possible
  • 2. Provide a stool for players where possible allowing players to use the machine with their back turned to any other clientele
  • 3. Ensure there is antibacterial spray or wipes located next to the machine for customers to clean the machine prior to and after use
  • 4. Ensure there is hand sanitiser close to the machine for players to utilise
  • 5. Confirm that fruit machine sanitisation is part of the regular site cleaning process

Jukebox Sanitisation

  • 1. Confirm that jukebox sanitisation is part of the regular site cleaning process
  • 2. Ensure there is hand sanitiser close to the jukebox for customers to utilise
  • 3. Keep sound volume to background music level to prevent customers from having to shout over one another
Jukebox sanitisation during Coronavirus

To download this guidance please click here.

Source: BACTA Reopening Pubs – Machine Protocols V4.0 + BBPA

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