I can’t quite believe that I’m writing about our nation’s much-loved pubs & bars being closed in the run up to a peak trading holiday. That being said we can all see that this is for a greater cause and hopefully we’ll be back to normal service in no time.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, the next few weeks are going to be as tough on us as they are on our customers but we have plans to pull through this stronger than ever. The dedication and hard work applied by all of our employees during this time has been unprecedented.

To keep you in the loop we have a number of payment plans in place for our customers.

Every single customer will receive a full credit for the month of April.

We’re still here if you want to chat about plans when lockdown is lifted and how we can help you make the most of the impending customer boom when we’re all allowed out of our houses.

Stay safe for the time being and see you on the other side!

Nick Rudd

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