Bob Rudd – The Machine Switch on

We have been busy behind the scenes ensuring plans are in place for a profitable relaunch in 2021 and if the first few weeks of outdoor wet sales transfer to indoor trade we will be in a good position on machine sales! Our account managers have contacted each outlet to check on re-opening dates and to ensure any service-related issues are dealt with ahead of May 17th. We have been asking that all machines were switched on in the past few weeks. It’s during this first initialisation that any issues have become prevalent and are being reported directly to our service line to ensure all is resolved timely and efficiently.

What’s new to Clear Cool

We have a growing range of solutions all on fully serviced packages.
We only supply market leading brands such as Hoshizaki Ice Makers
helping you serve your customers with crystal clear ice cubes that are
slow to melt & Classeq Glasswashers ensuring your glassware is
sparkling & ready for you to pour that perfect drink. With bean to cup
coffee machines and Cibo high speed ovens now part of the offer we
can help you maximise your earnings potential.
If you are interested in either of these packages please contact Barrie
on 07580 999 240 or email

Innfinite – Remote Content Manager

Our Innfinite Entertainment System continues to go
from strength to strength with the recent launch of
our all new Remote Content Manager. This allows
digital content to be managed and delivered in a very
time and cost-efficient manner. Our special bundle
offer of music, digital signage and games is on offer at
just £32.00 per week. This really can represent a
significant saving on usual entertainment costs.

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