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Sanitise Your Venue In Minutes

Rent or own one of our KORA DRYMIST machines and sanitise your venue in minutes.

KORA DRYMIST GC200 is a non corrosive, sanitising solution which kills germs by enveloping surfaces. It creates a hospital grade disinfectant mist which can access every exposed surface.

Leave for just 10 minutes before you can start using your venue again.

All rental and purchases of the XPower machines come with 1 x 5L GC200 Sanitiser and full PPE pack.

Clear Cool fogger machine rental

Available on low weekly rental or outright purchase, click here for more info.


What is the Kora fogging machine and how does it work?

The fogging machine uses a fine spray to apply the GC200 sanitising solution. It is an essential piece of equipment for effectively sanitising large internal spaces, common touch surfaces and hard-to reach areas following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The sanitiser applied through a fogging machine sanitises both surfaces and the air itself through micro-droplets of disinfectant that remain on surfaces for an extended period of time, providing long-lasting protection. The fogger uses pressure to create a fine mist which is applied to the targeted area. The fine fog can reach into corners and difficult areas and may also penetrate porous surfaces.

What type of venues are suitable for fogging to be carried out?

Our fogging machines offer a simple solution for quickly sanitising venues of any size. Because fogging is a relatively quick process, it is suitable for regular application and the treated areas and equipment can be brought back into operation promptly. It is ideal for disinfecting high-traffic locations and common touch points where bacteria and viral infections have the potential to spread.

The following list is not exhaustive, but does indicate the range of environments suitable for fogging treatment; Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Gyms, Hospitals Indoor play areas, Care homes.

How long will it take me to fog my venue?

An average venue with 15 tables and 65 chairs would take approximately 15 minutes to fog. This includes fogging of all furniture, the bar, touch points and curtains.

How much will the solution cost per sanitisation of my venue?

For a venue with 65 chairs and 15 tables, the cost of solution to sanitise the whole venue would be just £11.70+VAT.

How often should I use my fogging machine?

For a standard public venue we would recommend fogging all touch points every 4 days to achieve ideal sanitation.

How soon after fogging a room can I allow people to enter?

After a room has been fogged it should be left for 15 minutes before anyone should enter. After this time the room will be perfectly safe and sanitised.

Are you able to provide any certifications relating to the fogging machines?

Yes, when you sign up to the KORA XPower fogging machine you will be enrolled in the certification program. As long as you adhere to the official fogging guidelines you can display the KORA DRYMIST certificate in your venue.

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How To Order

To order simply call us on 0800 7311 026 and select option 4, we will then arrange delivery direct to your site within 5 working days.

Please note you must order a minimum of 2 products to qualify for free delivery.

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