Premium Pool Packages

With restrictions starting to lift, pubs are now in a position to gettheir Pool Tables re-installed and get pool teams back up and running.
Over the past year we have been working hard to improve our pool
offering by supplying our Premium Plus pool package. The package
includes premium cloth, Aramith match balls, LED pool lighting,
quality cues and superior accessories.
Premium Pool is big hit with the pool teams as the quality of the
package is extremely high. Please contact us for more information
on getting your pool table re-installed or upgrading to premium

Airflow Glass Dryer by Clear Cool

Clear Cool’s Airflow is a great way to reduce wastage and increase glass ware turn around. The Airflow is suitable for all glasses including pint glasses, wine glasses and even cocktail glasses, with an impressive turn around of approximately 30 baskets per hour. Since the re-opening of pubs on 17th May, the Airflow has been hot off the shelf, offering great levels of hygiene by using active air flows to dry your glasses. We are pleased to have cast your glass cloths to history whilst offering contamination free drying. For more information on the Clear Cool Airflow please contact Barrie on 07580 999 240 or visit our website

Innstay’s Customer Support

Here at Innstay our priority is our customer support which is included in all rental packages. Throughout the lifetime of your contract Innstay customers have full access to our support and service team to help with technical or product issues. We can also supply monthly reporting, on-going training of our products and bespoke adverts.
We also have premium plus support plans in place for EPoS customers which includes priority servicing and support from our Innstay help desk, remote support to help with the configuration of your EPoS system and software updates.

If you would like any more information about Innstay’s customer support packages please call Martin on 07880 173 004 or email

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