Ever wanted to create a brilliant atmosphere in your venue on a quiet night? Why not host a “Play A Pro” pool night?!

Here’s a step by step for a successful event once you’ve bagged yourself a pro (note a “pro” could even be one of your regular pool players who fancies showing off their skills):


1. Create some engaging posters and stick them up throughout your venue, here’s a great example:

Play a pro pool night poster

Don’t forget to include:

  • The name of your pro
  • Date
  • Time
  • Potential prizes!


2. Create an event on Facebook and post out about it across social media, this is the best way to make sure customers know about your upcoming night. Not sure how? Here’s a great step x step guide.


On The Night:

1. Gather the crowd around the pool table and ask your pro to do a quick trick shot, here’s a list of trickshots they might want to try – Trickshots

2. Once everyone is entertained ask the crowd for a volunteer to play against the pro, this is great for creating a bit of competition and banter amongst customers

3. When the match is complete, gather the crowd again and perform another trick shot

Buzzer with Customer

4. Customers will now be lining up to show how they can beat the pro – ensure you offer a prize for anyone that does!

5. Keep playing trick shot and then match alternatively until everyone gets a game or the trick shots run out!

Buzzer trick shot


Top Tips:

  • Make sure your pro can entertain a crowd
  • ask your pro to let some customers win, this will create a great atmosphere and encourage more customers to have a go
  • ensure your pro includes some interactive trick shots that customers can get involved with
  • Ensure your table, balls and cues are premium quality, this will attract players and pros to come back again – click here for more info on our premium pool packs

Premium Pool Table

Special thanks to our own pro Brian “Buzzer”Halcrow!

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