Are you baffled by all of the different music system available to you? Are you illegally playing music through your iphone or ipad just to get by? Take a look at some of our easy to use, economic and legal music systems below:


I want an all singing all dancing mega system to use all day and for discos and functions

Head over to our Beebox page

Beebox music system

  • This PC based solution offers you over 100,000 songs with 100+ pre populated genres. Are you an 80’s bar? Then just hit the 80s genre and let the Beebox select your tracks
  • Hosting a function? The DJ control allows anybody to become a professional DJ without having to fork out for all of the fancy equipment


I want my customers to choose the music but don’t fancy having a jukebox

The Soundjack music tablet with mobile phone app is perfect for you

Soundjack music tablet

  • This slimline music tablet works online and has a library of over 5 million tracks!
  • Your customers can choose which tracks to play via an app on their mobile phone



I want the simplest and cheapest option to give my venue some atmosphere at quiet times

The NSM Icon music tablet will more than suit your needs

NSM background music tablet

  • This tablet functions online and allows you to choose from over 120,000 tracks
  • It also has pre set genres of music with easy scheduling function so you can set your music up for the week and then just let it run!

All of the above options are fully legal for use in a public venue and really make the difference when creating the right atmosphere for your customers!

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