Having a quiet week? We share our ideas on how to ramp up your mid week trade:

Pick Your Own Playlist Night

Dancing blog post image

  • Install the easy to use, innovative Soundjack tablet that allows customers to pick songs from the Soundjack app on their phone* and play them in your venue
  • Watch your customers take control of the music and battle to be stars of the dancefloor

*Don’t worry you can pre populate the playlist that customers get to choose from so you’ll never have inappropriate music playing


Key to the box

Many of our customers love the Key to the box game on the Beebox system

  • Players buy raffle tickets from behind the bar in the week leading up to Key to the Box night – you decide what to charge for tickets
  • Raffle tickets are then drawn on the event night and winning players get to pick a numbered key from those shown on screen
  • Once picked a digital animation will depict whether they are a winner or not

  • Create a roll over to attract repeat business
  • One of our customers, Whitakers, Otley racked up a £700 jackpot!
    • “Key to the box got customers and locals talking, so many people wanted to buy tickets that we had to limit it to quiz players only” – Tim


Happy Hour Button

Happy hour button for pubs

The happy hour button function on the Beebox is the perfect way to get customers talking about your venue – after all everyone loves a discount

  • Advertise that you are running the happy hour button on a quiet night of the week
  • Then set your ratios at rates you are happy to invest – you won’t end up giving away more than you can afford
  • Watch the customers flood in for a bargain and a great night

All of these items are offered by Innstay and are designed to attract customers in to your venue and ensure they stay for more than just one drink. Our entertainment packages are so much fun customers will be back for more each week!

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