At Bob Rudd we believe gaming and amusement machines can have a great impact on your weekly profits and it’s worth putting in the effort to make the environment around them pleasant for your customers.

Recently we have devised a new “Gaming Zone” concept that can be adapted for use in many venues. Here’s our blueprint for the perfect gaming zone.


Choose your area

Try to find a dedicated area for gaming within your site, remember this needs to be in sight of the bar.

gaming zone in pub


Pick your equipment

Wondering what to stock in your new gaming zone? The lists is endless, why not try some of these:

shuffleboard pubs  board game in pub


Create the right atmosphere

Now you’ve got your area and your equipment ensure you create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Why not add a sign showing that this is a dedicated gaming zone?

Add handy tips posters for unusual ways to play pool or the rules of shuffleboard. You can download some of Bob Rudd’s marketing materials here for free!


If you want any help at all with your gaming zone please just get in touch!



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