Throw the best Christmas parties this year by maximising your Beebox system.


Christmas music is notoriously hard to program, what date shall you start it? How often shall it play? Do we have to have Mariah Carey again?!

Let your Beebox do the hard work, each system allows you to play full back to back Christmas music or drop a Christmas hit in here and there if you prefer. Just alter the settings on your system.

Christmas music for pubs and bars


Give them something to sing about, offer your customers a full portfolio of Christmas hits to sing along to provided by the best in the market Sunfly.

Christmas karaoke


Push the button

Personalise your push button game to suit the occasion, offer mistletoe shots and mulled wine chasers as extra ideas – here are some other great Christmas drinks to try.

christmas drinks


Photo wall

Contact your christmas party customers in advance and ask them for funny photos, then display them as a slideshow when your screens are idle – especially key for office parties so people can have a laugh with their colleagues

Christmas party


Your beebox is a great tool to get customers talking and coming back for parties all year long. Contact us now for information on installing a beebox in your venue before Christmas.



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