Exclusive to Clear Cool: Thorntons Hot Chocolate Machine

We’re excited to announce our partnership with one of the UK’s best known luxury chocolate brands – Thorntons.

We are exclusive suppliers of the brand new Thorntons Hot Chocolate machine, a dedicated terminal producing delicious cups of premium hot chocolate.

With the demand for hot drinks ever increasing now is the time to secure your hot chocolate machine available on rental from Clear Cool. Each unit comes with 12 items of glassware, 2 x 1.6KG bags of chocolate powder and Thorntons point of sale to attract your customer’s attention.

Additional bags of chocolate powder are available to purchase via Clear Cool for as little as 27p per cup. With hot chocolate retailing from £2.50-£3.50 your profit margins are phenomenal.

Get in touch with your Account Manager now or call Barrie on 07580 999 240.

Thorntons Hot Chocolate Machine

Getting Ahead: £20 Polymer Updates

You may have seen in the press that we’re ahead of the game with regards to the release of the new £20 polymer note. The new notes with enhanced security features will come in to circulation later in February.

Our in-house technical department have been working to provide successful updates for each note recycler. Whilst our Service Technicians have been out in the field updating our machines. This will ensure a seamless transition for players from the traditional £20 note to the polymer version.

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Bob Rudd Technical Department

Building “Low Or No” Awareness

After visiting the Pub20 show we’re surprised to see the volume of “low or no” alcohol drinks now available. From reading the Pub Trends report we discovered that a whopping 52% of people would consider drinking a low or no version of their favourite drink. And 8.6 million Britons are looking to cut down on their alcohol intake. Rather than see this as a threat, it got us thinking about how to attract customers with your low or no alcohol offer.

Staff Education

Ensuring your staff members are clued up on your low or no drinks options is key. If a customer asks they need to be able to advise on different alcohol content levels.

On Screen Signage

As low or no options often don’t come on draught they can be hard for customers to spot. Rather than opting for a soft drink such as Coke, make sure you promote your premium low or no drinks on your TV screens. At Innstay we have a multitude of pre-made templates perfect for you to utilise at the click of a button.

Low or No Loyalty

Unusual non-alcoholic drinks are great to reward as part of your loyalty scheme. This allows customers to try new products which they may later go on to buy.

The Innstay support team are here to help. If you want to chat about how to utilise your screens for advertising or how to program your EPoS for loyalty then get in touch – 0191 217 3737 or email support@innstay.co.uk

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