More choice for your customers, More income for you

2020 will see Bob Rudd further expand our Independent Selection Digital Strategy. With access to every digital machine in the UK, we will continue to use our unique analysis to develop regional trends for best digital practise.

Our specialised data analysis includes:

  • – running location reports to determine which models perform best across different regions. This ensures your estate receives more of the models that suit your customer needs
  • – using the RG connectivity network to receive game play info from many models. This determines which machines and game menus work well together

Focussing on your customer’s preferences we will drive your income from digital machines. To find out which digital model performs best in your region get in touch with our Digital Analyst Iain now! Email

Prismatic gaming machine

Strengthening your support from Innstay

Innstay provide business critical products such as CCTV and EPoS with the added benefit of dedicated Account Management and customer support. The Innstay team work hard to ensure that you are getting the most out of your products.

We have developed unique reporting for single and multi site owners to aid with this. Moving in to 2020, Innstay are building on their support function and have recently expanded the team to cover new business gained.

In the coming months Innstay will also be releasing a brand new entertainment product…watch this space!

Clear Cool: maximising your trading hours

This year, Clear Cool will be focussing on the expansion of our product portfolio. We’ll be offering product packages to help you maximise your trading hours.

We will provide products to help you catch the morning coffee trade as well as the takeaway munchies at the end of the night.

Our Head of Commercial, Barrie will be in touch in due course to show you how each package can drive profit for your business.

Coffee pub suppliers

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