Picking The Perfect Products To Promote

At Innstay we’re currently running a number of trials across sites to determine which products are most well received via digital signage on the BeeBox.

These range from premium gins to brand new bar snacks. The idea behind the trial is to develop some quick and easy examples for customers to adapt to their own venue.

We’ve also been focussing on promoting gaming machines within some venues, especially where games have been updated or price of play has altered.

Pool table advert
Gin advert

Glass Washer Hints & Tips


  • – allow your machine to heat up when you first switch it on, wait until the light turns green

  • – ensure all filters are in place, pesky lemon slices and cocktail sticks are terrible for damaging machines

  • – leave the door open after cleaning, this prevents bacteria from building up in the damp environment


  • – use cheap detergent, poor quality detergent = poor results

  • – stack glassware on top of one another or overload wash baskets

  • – wash crockery or ash trays in your glass washer. The machine is not manufactured with this use in mind
Classeg glass washers

Newest Addition To The Independent Selection

We’re pleased to announce that we are the first independent gaming machine supplier with access to Bell Fruit’s brand new Prismatic digital fruit machine.

The Prismatic has twin 32″ HD screens and will host 12 new game titles per annum.

The game menu that the machine has been launched with includes 26 games with many proven titles such as Slots O’Luck.

This is just another digital model to add to our Independent Selection and further strengthens our place in the pub market.

Bell Fruit Prismatic

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