Birmingham Depot Growth Leads To Expansion

In mid 2017 we opened our Birmingham depot in Kings Norton which covers the West Midlands and Black Country. Since then the business has grown successfully in the area to the point where we now require more office, workshop and storage space.

We look forward to moving in to the new premises in the coming months, as always you’re welcome to visit our depots any time. 

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Dual Purpose Digital Signage

As the January lull starts to hit pubs it is now more crucial than ever to ensure all offers and events are advertised across site and elsewhere. 

Digital signage within venues is great for attracting returning customers, however these messages also need to be relayed externally to ensure new customers drop in.

A number of Innstay’s BeeBox users duplicate their digital signage adverts by also posting them on social media. A quick, easy way to keep advertising on brand whilst reaching larger audiences.

With all Innstay rental agreements customers receive full access to our support team who can help create adverts at no extra charge.

For more information about the BeeBox
please email or click here.

Champs, Washington Facebook Screenshot
Champs Washington Pub Digital Signage

Direct Sales Division For Clear Cool

When we first launched the Clear Cool division our main aim was to build a rental portfolio of ice makers and glass washers. We’re very happy with the progress with rentals and are now expanding in to direct sales and bespoke packages.

From our success in the rental market we can now offer competitive direct sales prices. All of our machines are sourced from premium suppliers and are both durable and efficient.

Additionally we have started working closely with a number of new suppliers which will now allow us to  quote for bespoke pieces of work. We know that not every back of bar is the same so this avenue can help create personalised catering equipment to suit your needs.

For any more information on Clear Cool please email

Hoshizaki ice cubes
Classeq glass washer

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