Clear Cool now stock a whole range of pizza ovens including an economical, plug and play option. Perfect for wet led bars looking to offer some hot food.

Pizzas are a great way to earn a little more profit whilst keeping your customers in venue longer. It is now more popular than ever to offer pizza slices for purchase rather than whole pizzas, meaning you can serve more customers at once and generate more income.

The unit reaches up to 300°C for rapid cooking and crisp bases. This product uses a standard UK 3 pin plug unlike most pizza ovens which are required to be hard wired.

Lincat LPO plug in pizza oven for pubs & bars
Plug & play commercial pizza oven


Want to keep players in your venue longer? Then fit a Crable charging shelf next to your gaming machines.
These brand new, unique shelves come in a variety of colours and can charge up to 5 phones at once!
There are two wireless charging plates on the top of the shelf, two plug sockets underneath and also one further USB socket, all of which can be utilised for charging your customer’s phones.
Already popular in hotels and bowling alleys, these shelves are the perfect addition to your gaming zone. 
Please speak to your Account Manager or get in touch below for more information. This product is available on a small weekly rental. 

Crable mobile phone charging unit
Crable mobile phone charging unit


Helena at InterFun Expo

Earlier this month we exhibited at the first InterFun Expo at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. It’s safe to say the entire group had a fruitful show with particular interest being shown for the BeeBox Entertainment System supplied by Innstay.

Helena Rudd held a seminar at the expo on emerging trends for the Millennial generation and discussed aspects of the BeeBox that most appeal to this demographic. The nostalgic on screen games and fun happy hour button can all be tailored for maximum impact.

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