Contact the elderly Christmas party Dec 2017

Last week we hosted our Christmas party for Contact the Elderly guests in the North East. 

This is our second year of hosting and just like last time both the guests and ourselves  thoroughly enjoyed it. Over 65 guests were picked up and driven to the Newcastle Falcons rugby ground where a delicious Christmas spread was put on for them.

Nick helping at CTE Dec 2017   Contact the Elderly Christmas Lunch Dec 2017

It was great to see guests who had attended last year were so happy to be included again this year. The raffle was as popular as ever and the sherries didn’t go down to badly either!


Contact the Elderly is a nationwide charity that organises tea parties for elderly guests on a monthly basis, they are invaluable to many and ensure our older generation do not feel isolated. It was heartwarming but also a little sad to hear that for some of the guests in attendance this would be their only Christmas dinner as they did not have places to go on Christmas Day.

Contact the Elderly Christmas Lunch Dec 2017

Everyone who volunteered from The Rudd Group had a brilliant time getting to know the guests and can’t wait to do it again. We recognise that sometimes it is important to  give back to the community and we hope even just a free lunch brought a smile to those guest’s faces.

We were delighted to receive the below thank you letter from Jane!

Thank You Letter


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