We supply pool tables to a variety of venues across the UK, now we want to ensure you’re making the most of them!

Take a look below at some great pool games you may not have heard of. If you would like any of the rules sending out to you to inform your customers please just drop us a note here.

One Pocket Pool

1. One Pocket Pool – For the Pros

  • Balls are placed into the rack randomly
  • Each player picks a pocket
    • This is the pocket they will have to pot their balls in to for the entire game
  • 1 point is scored for every ball potted into their nominated pocket
  • When a player reaches 8 points they win the game
  • Players lose 1 point every time they foul

Find out more about One Pocket Pool here.

Jump Shot Pool

2. Stunt Pool

  • Here the same rules as 8 ball are applied apart from the fact that straight shots are not allowed
  • Players can only make shots using the below
    • Swerve Shot – here the cue is held almost vertical to create a large amount of spin on the cue ball
    • Jump Shot – here the cue ball must bounce over an obstructing ball
    • Bank Shot – Any shot that uses the cushion
  • Feel free to add in your own “stunt shots”

Left handed pool player

3. Opposite-Handed Pool – for a laugh

  • If you’re bored of playing regular pool then why not give this game a go
  • Ask each player to use their cue in the opposite way
  • This will make the game much more difficult ….and a little funnier

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any more info, here at The Rudd Group we have all the tools to help you get the most out of your pool table. Take a look at our pool table range here.

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