We have many new products launching over the summer, this month we have decided to tell you a little bit more about each of them…


Vdarts electronic soft tip dartboard
Devon Petersen, Chris Dobey, Adam Hunt, Spot White Newcastle

Brand new electronic soft tip dartboards available now for the UK market. These boards are designed for commercial use and come with a wall mounted tablet to support the Vdarts app and allow customers to play a variety of unique darts games.

This new product is perfect for attracting the millennial generation who are looking for more than just food & drinks on a night out. 

The Bob Rudd team are working with professional darts player Devon Petersen to bring this product to market. Devon and Bob Rudd will be hosting a number of launch nights over the coming months to promote the boards. 

If you would like any more information about the product or would like to register your interest to attend one of the launch nights, please contact Ellis Brown – ellis.brown@bobrudd.co.uk


Many of our customers relay to us how tricky it can be to satisfy a pool team and we appreciate how important the pool
team can be to weekly revenue.

With that in mind we have created our Premium Pool Plus package for sites who wish to operate the best pool table in their area.

The package consists of:

  • Aramith Pro Cup Balls
  • LED lighting canopy
  • Premium cloth
  • High quality cues
  • Chrome cue rests
  • Wooden triangle
  • Table valet kit
  • Knockout tournament POS & trophy Branded racking cloth

We believe this is the best quality pool package available for the licensed trade, if you would like any more information please contact helena.rudd@theruddgroup.co.uk.

Please note we are now also supplying Rustic Supreme Winner tables (pictured) which are available on rental, these tables compliment the decor in a range of venues.

Premium Pool Plus


Venues with a decent music offering are few and far between these days. PPLPRS’ crackdown on illegal music solutions means many sites are sitting in silence…But, this doesn’t have to be the case!

At Bob Rudd we can offer a wide range of music solutions, the latest being NSM’s Thunder jukebox. This wall mounted box is fully digital and can go online so all of the latest tracks are available to your customers. The striking 32″ touchscreen is simple to use meaning the 40,000 offline & 100,000 online tracks can be easily accessed.

All new boxes being installed also come with full contactless payment facility so customers who never carry cash can still play the jukebox! For more information please contact your Account Manager.


Launching a new cocktail menu?

Summer will be filled with requests for cocktails brimming with ice to cool down your customers. They’ll be after Mojitos, Caipirinhas and

Mai Tais…all of which require crushed ice.

We now offer a commercial ice crusher machine which can sit on top of your counter. The device crushes cubed ice and creates the nugget variety that you find in fancy drinks & cocktails. Our machine can crush 1.2Kg of ice in just 30 seconds.

These machines are available on a small weekly rental of just £8.97.

For more information please contact hello@clear-cool.co.uk or speak to your Account Manager.

n53 ice crusher


You’re sick of charging customer’s phones behind the bar? But you still want customers to stick around? It’s time you met the Crable.

This mobile phone charging shelf can charge up to 5 phones at once! There are two wireless charging plates on the top of the unit, 1 USB port & 2 plug sockets.

The perfect addition for your games area or next to your fruit machines. This innovative shelf is now available for a small weekly rental.

Crable Mobile charging unit

Please contact your Account Manager or email helena.rudd@theruddgroup.co.uk for more information.

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