Customers now expect their drinks served in the perfect glass at the perfect temperature with the perfect accessories, here are some top tips to get you going:

  • Choose the right glass!
Peroni pint glass
Ensure branded lager is served in their own glasses
Martini Glass
Serve Martinis? Then always use a Martini glass
Red Wine Glass
Red wine should always be poured in to a large, thin wine glass
  • Make sure the glass is clean, dry and cool!
    • We can help you! View our range of glass washers and find one that suits your needs, our SGP range is specifically created to house tall glasses like the Peroni glass shown above
    • Are you struggling to get your glasses dry and cool quick enough? Then check out the Airack. This handy device takes just minutes to perfectly dry a whole rack of glasses straight from the glass washer

  • Go that extra mile with accompaniments
aperol spritz
Add fresh fruit to summer cocktails
gin and tonic
Use berries and herbs to give drinks a distinctive taste


Your drinks are now worth a premium and will command the best prices.

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